Chronicle of the Frundsberg Fähnlein, Part III

Aufbau Zunfthäuser

At the same time our equipment fund raised. A complete Landsknecht camp with captain's tent, sutler tend, round tents, historical weighing machine, sales stall, even small wooden cottages which look like timbered houses and of course many more small items. The Fähnlein got invitations from all around and Mindelheim and the "Frundsberger" became well known far across the county borders.

Landsknechts Gewandung

Over the years the small group developed to an association with about 300 members. We are a familie club and from the little baby to the retired people we have everything. We are a real community and friends, which not only meet during medieval festivals but do a lot of things together during the year, like bycicle tours, barbecues, christmas party for the kids, etc.