Georg von Frundsberg


(Author Dr. Reinhard Baumann)

Descending from the famous family of the Frundsberg knights, which, coming from Schwaz in Tyrol, took over the town and the dominion of Mindelheim in 1467 and was to determine for more than 100 years the destinies of this region from their seat of Mindel Castle, Georg von Frundsberg was born here in 1473.

As the youngest of nine sons of Frundsberg, his future as a warrior and mercenary was predictable almost at his cradle, since he had no chance of personally taking over the paternal dominion. His father had sold the ancestral seat that had given the family ist name and had bought the castle and the dominion in Mindelheim from his brother-in-law Ber II of Rechberg. Here Georg grew up, here he was educated to become a young gentleman.

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